Love the city you’re in

This October, 100 cities across America will bring residents together around the dinner table to imagine a more lovable city.

Want your city included?

Cities have the capability of providing something for everyone, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.

This October, Civic Dinners is thrilled to launch The Lovable City conversation in 100 cities across the United States. Join residents and civic leaders as they gather around the dinner table to co-create a better future for their city.

The Lovable City conversation will take place nationwide during October, with engaged residents hosting dinners with six to ten guests, guiding conversations that get to the heart of what makes their city lovable. Insights from these conversations will be collected by survey both before and after the conversations and will be compiled in The Lovable City report to help inform future planning and policymaking that works for everyone.


Here’s how you can bring The Lovable City to your city:

Become a City Sponsor

Do you consider yourself a civic leader, elected official or business leader invested in the future of your city?

Sponsoring The Lovable City can help you create a brave space for residents to hear from one another, share what they love most about your city and what they’d love to love, and discover key insights that can be used to support future strategic planning, city branding or civic engagement.

Become a City Delegate

Do you love your city, despite its challenges, and L-O-V-E organizing and leading change in your community?

About 1% of a city’s population are “co-creators”, the ones who push a city forward, make it more lovable, more attractive, and more prosperous. If you are a co-creator, we invite you to become a City Delegate and launch the Lovable City in restaurants, homes, and offices in your city, this October!

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Love your city? Love food? Love bringing people together? Then you’ll love participating in The Lovable City! 

If your city joins the conversation, we’d love for you to host a Civic Dinner on The Lovable City to help bring people together to talk about what they love about their city, what they’d love to love, and how they’d like to be more engaged. Help voices who aren’t usually heard find a seat at the table.



Each participating city will receive support from Civic Dinners to make their community conversation is successful. We’ll work with a local City Delegate to manage the process.



We begin with a social media campaign aimed at understanding current civic engagement and key issues.

Through a digital survey, we’ll seek to understand what people love about their city, what they believe are the most important issues, and where innovation and investment are needed to prepare for a better future.



During October residents will host or attend Civic Dinners around the city, in homes, restaurants, parks or cafes.

Organizers, restaurants, and local partners will help recruit hosts willing to bring people together for a structured conversation over dinner. We’ll provide the host guide, easy sign-up and automatic follow-up.



Insights collected from the community survey and Civic Dinners will be synthesized into a full report.

Our report will reflect back the key themes gathered and give local leaders greater insight into the issues their residents care about the most, with the aim informing both future city planning and policy-making.




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Why Lovable?

We believe people should love the city they’re in. A city should inspire a sense of inclusion, identity, and pride. Residents should feel engaged and optimistic about the future of their community and their place in it.

In today’s highly mobile society, it’s much easier for people to choose where they live, and people are choosier than ever. Most people may come to a city for school, for work, or for love, but they stay because of how a city makes them feel. How do we convince people to put down roots, to settle, grow, and invest in their communities? Modern cities are being challenged to provide a more lovable environment for their residents to not merely survive, but to thrive, or people will be tempted to go elsewhere.

Our award-winning platform, Civic Dinners, has helped cities create stronger social infrastructure and build greater trust between residents and civic leaders.


Will your city join the conversation?

Every community is facing its own unique set of challenges. These challenges may be in transport, housing, education, infrastructure or adapting to the threat of climate change.

We believe the best way to meet these challenges is by working together, and that this requires the passionate and diverse voices of a city’s residents to be part of the conversation.

Research shows that when people contribute to their communities they live longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. The problem is that many people feel disengaged from civic conversation and don’t feel empowered to participate. The internet, while giving people a voice, can increase isolation and create echo chambers and social bubbles.  

We know that people want to make a difference, but don’t always know where to start.


Here at Civic Dinners we have found a way to connect civic leaders with their most valuable resource— their people. We do this the old-fashioned way: face to face, around the dinner table.

Our award-winning platform brings together a diversity of viewpoints to share conversation over food and create engagement on issues that matter. Where everyone has a seat at the table.


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